Tuesday, April 5, 2011 | By: Michelle

Breaking the Ice

Okay its my first post on my blog! *gasp* I must say, its very nerve wrecking. First I wanted to make sure the look was just right. I mean, lets be honest - no one keeps going back to the PLAIN blog. We like visually appealing websites.  Then, how do I start off my FIRST post. Its suppose to be monumental right? I let my blog sit here for 3 days thinking of this... and what have I come to?? IT DOESN'T MATTER!! ... Once my blog has a ton of post far into the future, no one is ever going to be reading this again.

Tonight's Agenda was... making "white girl" enchilada's and shortcake. "White Girl" Enchiladas consist of pre-cooked, seasoned and shredded chicken rolled into corn tortillas, topped with canned green sauce and cheese!! First time making and winging this recipe. My Boo definitely thought it was one of the better meals I have made lately. Honestly, it the recipe was on the back of the green sauce can. ;)

After that, I transferred all my scrapbooking files from my Boo's USB to my NEW External Hard-Drive. YAY! Sooo exciting! I'm hoping to scrapbook a lot more - especially utilizing my Wishblade! 

So there it is, in all its glory - my first blog post! Its a bit lacking - especially in the photo department, but I just wanted to finally get it started!!

Stay tuned... I'll be going to the Farmer's Market on Saturday w/ Roxie & My Boo :)


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Its about time ;)

Lal said...

YAY! Can't wait to read more on your blog! Let me know if you ever need any recipes...I know how to make lots of stuff...just HATE cooking..hee,hee :)

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